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Working in recruitment is one of the most fulfilling career paths. The part that we play in a company’s value chain and the social impact of finding someone a job is rewarding. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people getting a job.

Over the years, I have met so many different people, and I still find it so humbling (and exhilarating) sitting in the interviewers’ chair. It has taught me that you can never assume that you know everything. Everyone has a story to tell and their own unique experiences, and this is how we learn – about people, about cultures, about organisations and most importantly, about values.

I first cut my teeth in the recruitment industry in 2002, when there was a big move towards integrated real-time systems that could assist, improve, and report on productivity across divisions in companies. I was fascinated and excited by this and decided to build a database around SAP, Oracle and Syspro consultants. The success of that database meant that when the rare CV’S landed on my desk, especially EE candidates, I could pick up the phone and get them an interview at any company in less than three days and most likely place them. 

In 2003 I was headhunted to work in corporate and was tasked with streamlining the recruitment processes and existing systems, but the environment was predictable. I missed the diversity and challenges of recruiting talent across different industries.

Before this period I was working as an employed recruitment agent.  I dealt with candidates with countless varied skill sets. Every day brought with it new opportunities and challenges. And so, in September 2004, I decided to open my recruitment agency – Origins Personnel. I haven’t looked back since. 

From inception, Origins Personnel embraced diversity, which is reflected in our clients, our candidates, and our team over the years. We foster an environment that reflects the community we serve, and through varied cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, we can harness creative and innovative solutions. Every day, we work on our vision to bridge business and people across all industries, focusing on uplifting and empowering women, disabled and previously disadvantaged individuals. When we see the breakthroughs of those long overlooked, unemployed capable candidates finally getting placed, we see God working in the background, and these are the moments we live for.

Covid-19 has been a game-changer, and we had to quickly adapt to a new way of doing things and fill new and vacancies, which were adjusted to the “new normal”. We get clients asking for hybrid positions; they want candidates who are flexible and multi-faceted. There is a need for individuals to fill unusual and multiple roles while working from home when needed. The new trend, brought about by working from home, requires self-driven employees, who view productivity as key to job security. 

Organisations and candidates also need to be aware that there is a decrease in skills transfer with more people working remotely. This is vital for productivity, growth and moving up the ladder. The onus now lies with the individual to upskill themselves and be more curious and intentional about their development.

The gift of today is embracing all the changes, and adapting to new experiences, new ways and new methods. We are committed to connecting people to jobs that will sustain their livelihoods. We are committed towards building a South Africa that has equal opportunities for all in the workplace.

Lerato Boaventura
Founder and Owner of Origins Personnel

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