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Ad Response

Ad Placement & Response Handling

The ad response gives the benefit of offering corporate clients the opportunity to gain media exposure through display advertising using their company logo. We write ads, place ads, and handle the response, providing the client with a qualified short list.


Candidate Screening & Background Checks

Background screening (also known as background checks) is the process of checking and verifying various pieces of personal and confidential information on an individual or organisation.

This information is used to verify whether an individual or organisation is being truthful and transparent about their credentials. Such checks are also used as a proactive step in identifying and reducing or mitigating potential hiring and procurement risk, based on tangible available information.


Candidate Assessments

We believe that people are key to success for any organisation. We partner with our clients to ensure that they have the best talent in their organisation to deliver on its mandate. We do this by using a range of scalable , best of its class assessments, combined with our industry expertise.

We offer a large range of “off the shelf” assessments, such as personality, emotional intelligence, cognition, integrity, and skills assessments.

Talent mapping

Talent Mapping

In this VUCA world that companies are operating in, talent mapping has become a critical part of any organisation’s Talent Strategy. Talent mapping moves an organisation from being reactive to being proactive in ensuring they have the best talent and a plan in place when change, disruption or expansion comes. Talent mapping enables an organisation to build a viable talent pool for their future needs, as determined by their business strategy, by lookingat internal talent and also looking externally. Origins provides this professional service using various tools, our knowledge and understanding of the talent market and years of experience in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources Management and Specialised Search. We not only work in the South African market, but have also had success mapping talent across Africa.

Africa mapping

Africa Recruitment

Our Africa search and executive team understand the talent landscape and are able to access top talent to meet your corporate needs. At Origins we have access to resources, networks and relationships across the African continent as well as the middle east. This enables us to gain a competitive edge and empowers us to understand our clients cultures, operations and industries when carrying out recruitment projects. Our uniquely designed search tools, extensive networks and diverse backgrounds enable us to look beyond skills and experience in order to identify the best talent for your organization. Our client base extends over countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda and UAE. Our objective is not only to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs, but to support and accompany you throughout your recruitment project.

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