Tips to succeed in your next Zoom interview

During the pandemic many companies have turned to telephonic and Zoom interviews for face-to-face interaction while recruiting staff.

Being on the phone or zoom does not change the typical interview procedure and standards. Let the interviewer take charge and answer questions briefly. It’s perfectly OK to think things through or pause.

Consider the following before your next interview:

Research the company

A simple Google search will do. Read reviews, check Linked-in for information about the company or social media to pick up on the company culture and vision.  The internet is a wonderful tool.

Test out your technology before the interview

Test out your tools before the interview. Check data and the signal of the device connection.  Think what could possibly go wrong and what’s within your control. Should you not be familiar with video conferencing platforms practice using the technology before your engagement.

It can be a huge frustration on both ends of the employer and the candidate when audio and webcams are not sorting. Voices are breaking and calls are cutting because of lost signal. Let’s try to avoid these obstacles.

Should you find yourself in this position. Send an email to reschedule or the interviewer may suggest switching to a telephone.

Remember first impressions last.

Dress to impress

Make the effort to dress up for the interview, or at least your torso! The way you present yourself shows how seriously you take yourself and the opportunity.

Project your voice and show confidence

Unlike face-to-face interviews, video interviews can be quite stressful. Looking at yourself during the interview offers a distraction but should you keep these tips in mind, you should be well on your way.

  • Make eye contact with the interviewer. It shows that you are engaged and focused.  You don’t have to hold or maintain eye contact, just don’t have your eyes wondering while the interviewer is questioning you.
  • Speak up. How you project your voice, tone, posture, and facial expressions plays a big role in building successful professional relationships.

Take cognisance of your space. Make sure there is good lighting and no distracting noises in the background. Sit upright on a chair. Remove any clutter. Lounging on reclined lazyboys, red lights in dark rooms are an absolute no-no! Driving is out of the question. Remember paying attention shows you are professional and don’t have a laissez-faire attitude.  The way you present yourself leaves a lasting impression.

Also, keep in mind that things are not based on what you say but rather on how you say them. Just pay attention to timing and feedback. Show that you understand the conversation and acknowledge the interviewer by using filler words like ahha, umm. Again it shows you are paying attention and focused.

Pose a few possible interview questions to yourself

  • Prepare yourself for possible questions like why would you like to work for the company?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your short-term career aspirations? Long term?
  • Achievements?
  • Your track record, especially if in sales?

Go over your CV

Employers will reference your CV and ask questions about your previous jobs. Please make sure you have read through your CV and checked through errors. A helpful tip: Have your CV in front of you.

Ask questions

Remember as much as the interviewer is trying to establish if you fit in with their company. It is also an opportunity to find out more about the company and if it is also right for you.

Best wishes for your next interview.

Stay knowing that we are stronger together and will overcome this virus!

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