You’re No Superwoman!

You need to ensure you can achieve balance. The first way is by not taking on too much. You need to know what is important to your life and work on that. The one problem is that too many women feel as though they have to make everyone happy, they land up only neglecting themselves. It is much better to do less and do it well than take on too much and feel as though you are a failure. 

Separate your personal and professional lives. Don’t intertwine both; this only causes more stress and guilt. Over the weekends don’t bring your work home with you. Take the time to work on your personal life. Just because you are successful in your professional doesn’t mean your personal life isn’t falling apart. Know what you can take on and what you are able to cope with. Don’t take on too much at once. 

When under pressure focus on what is important rather than what is urgent. When setting priorities discipline is the most important factor. Without discipline you will find yourself working like crazy and getting nothing done. 

Be more flexible. Explore as many options as possible. Don’t look at one option and neglect all others. Find ways to integrate the things you find most important to you. Make sure your achievements are fulfilling. A positive attitude
attracts positive experiences. Start each day with reflection on what needs to be done. Always allocate yourself a few minutes between tasks. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved. 

It is not easy to create balance. Take it one step at a time. Trying to get too much done at once will just cause you frustration. Plan ahead, take advantage of help and be easy on yourself. After all, you are not superwoman, no matter
how much you take on each day.

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